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Indoor Jobsite Monitoring Helps Improve Safety and Security

The construction industry stands to lose $1 billion to theft in 2017, and worker safety is always a point of emphasis. TrueLook, the only company that provides construction cameras combining live jobsite viewing, project time-lapsing, and HD security, outlines the benefits to construction companies of adding indoor monitoring to their array of camera systems on a jobsite to help address these concerns.

“Construction companies are always looking for ways to improve safety and security at their jobsite,” said Ken Pittman, TrueLook’s chief marketing officer. “By adding indoor camera systems to the jobsite, construction companies can immediately realize multiple benefits. Indoor camera systems can be remotely monitored as easily as outdoor systems, and they show companies where safety and security improvements can be made to their jobsite.”

TrueLook identifies the following benefits of implementing indoor camera systems to the jobsite:

  • Work area monitoring – Monitoring of employees on a jobsite is not about spying or for recording theft. With the right kind of camera system, companies can discover inefficiencies in workflow. Monitoring systems also reveal what the team is doing with their eight or more hours on site every day. Indoor cameras can augment the external cameras to help deter theft.
  • Safety – Indoor camera systems at a construction or project jobsite can discover safety issues before they become a problem. Remotely monitored systems can show if the indoor jobsite is being properly maintained, if lighting is adequate for the task at hand and if employees are engaging in safe practices as a matter of routine. The presence of indoor camera systems can also deter employee conflicts or mischief.
  • Insurance costs – Many insurance companies offer discounts if the jobsite has indoor as well as outdoor camera systems installed. It reduces theft on a jobsite making it less of a liability for the insurer. Indoor camera systems may also prove beneficial in the case of any workers’ compensation claims or litigation.

“Indoor camera systems are a valuable augmentation to a jobsite,” Pittman said. “They provide construction companies with the peace of mind that their jobsite teams are progressing as planned on a project. They also deter theft and monitor the safety of the workers. Our ultra-high definition 4K camera is the latest offering in our line of indoor camera systems allowing for ease of installation and use as well as all the other benefits of having an indoor system.”

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