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Insurance Issues That Can Contribute to Contractor Failure

Over the past 40 years there have been many ups and downs in the construction market »

Doster Begins Renovation at UAB Hospital Highlands

Doster has had a presence in the Birmingham healthcare market since their founding in 1969 »

Preventing Job Site Theft

From Turner Insurance & Bonding Although it is important for companies to trust their workers and the general public, the unfortunate reality is that theft... »

Why Do Contractors Fail?

By Randy Boss, Construction Executive It was a sad day in West Michigan in July 2014 when the President of Lamar Construction announced they were... »

Unlock Hidden Savings With Building Analytics

Facility managers need to be able to uncover hidden savings within their buildings to not only offset energy spend, but also make smarter asset investments.  »

Top Construction Trends Driven by “Smart” Communities

As communities shift their focus to building “smarter” cities, a huge opportunity exists in the construction industry. »

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