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Raken Releases Significant Product Upgrade on the Heels of Recent $2M Funding Round

Raken has released the first phase of a product redesign that will see significant feature upgrades. The leading daily reporting app has listened to their customers in the field and incorporated upgrades to accommodate General Contractors, Project Managers, Engineers, Superintendents and Foreman in over 38 countries who currently rely on Raken to document and codify their daily activities.

The release signals a proactive march to build upon the company’s #1 status by giving thousands of their customers even better tools to accomplish daily tasks. The upgrade is the first of three strategic phases following the company’s recent $2M seed round of funding which will facilitate the additional two phases in the months ahead.

“Raken was founded to solve the needs of contractors – the ones on the jobsite everyday,” said Raken CEO, Kyle Slager. “We’re continually looking for new ways to use our technology to improve their daily workflow and make their lives a little easier.”

In response to this call for continuous improvement, Raken has released the updated version of their software with new features focused on usability in the field as well as analytics for business intelligence.

Chief among these features is the new Dashboard Insights tab, taking the information from Raken’s daily reports and analyzing it automatically to provide users with a high-level overview of their projects. Dashboard Insights will be available on mobile and desktop, with the dashboard activity stream previously restricted to the desktop now available on mobile as well, a nod to the increasingly mobile-driven industry.

The Dashboard Insights feature comes with other speed and performance improvements designed to make Raken’s web and mobile experiences more cohesive. These enhancements include a new user interface that gives the application the flexibility to continue adding new workflows in the future, expanding Raken from daily reports into an all-inclusive field management experience.

“All of the reporting functions that Raken has available are a lifesaver,” said Andrew Godfrey, a project manager with Superior Rigging. Godfrey, whose company relied on Raken while working on the new football stadium in Atlanta was impressed with the app’s versatility. “Man-hours, delays, and weather are just some of the reports that you can run with a few clicks of a button on any particular day or as a scheduled monthly report. This is very handy with all the demands of the General Contractor and documentation that is required these days.”

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