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Five Ways SMS Can Improve Communication


By Ken Rhie, Construction Executive

Unlike email’s 22 percent read rate, short message service (SMS) such as text messaging has a 98 percent read rate. That’s why SMS will transform how your human resources department conducts business. SMS makes it easier to share information and set up meetings with employees. Questions become easy to answer, and employees have their HR departments at their fingertips when they can text questions.

Here are a few benefits of implementing an SMS service.


There are times when a company has to get in touch with all employees quickly. When everyone is signed up to receive text messages, employees are going to be safer. If a contractor needs to tell everyone there is a stranger in the building and it’s time to shelter in place, it will reach everyone in minutes. Text messages are typically opened in three minutes, and employees will get the message faster than any other form of communication. If the company needs to close for any reason, the HR department will reach the whole workforce.

Omni Hotels was able to utilize mass texting to alert their employees during the Dallas police shooting. With an SMS software, it was able to send alerts to employees and guests, keeping them safe as the crisis progressed.


Throughout the year, there are many mandatory trainings that employees must attend. Sending out a reminder the day before meeting makes it possible for those meetings to be better attended. While it is the employee’s responsibility to go to meetings as scheduled, a reminder will make sure that these meetings are well attended and the employees that need the specific training are in compliance.

Since text messaging is a direct and fast form of communication, it’s easier to recruit new employees. Whether the company is trying to set up an interview or needs more paperwork filled out, a quick text will let a potential employee know that more information is needed. In addition, when a new employee is hired, it becomes easier to get them onboarded using text messaging. The employee will appreciate being ready to work on the first day and will be able to ask questions through text messaging as they come up.

If the company recently implemented a new policy, it will want to see what employees think about it. A survey sent through SMS makes it easy for employees to answer. The company will be able to get a sense of employees’ moods or needs with surveys sent through SMS. It can even send out a quick survey to ask those that are going to attend a training for the day what they would prefer for lunch. A quick question like this, and employees will feel as though the company cares about their day.


Text messaging can make a big difference in how employees engage with a company. For example, a company can offer employees a contest to see who can bring in the most potential clients in a week. It can encourage competition among your employees, letting everyone know where they stand through a quick text message.

When a human resources department has the ability to send SMS, its job becomes easier. Benefits are simpler to administer and questions can be answered quickly. Instead of having to call or email employees, it becomes faster to send out a quick text to everybody. The workforce will be safer, schedules will be full and the company will have the communication needed to have a dynamic, successful workplace.

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