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Russ Cofield Named Education Director of the Academy of Craft Training

Workforce Development

Russ Cofield has joined the Academy of Craft Training (ACT) as Education Director.

In this new role, Cofield will help manage the career and technical education for the ACT, serving as the point of contact for high schools within the Birmingham metro area. “I am excited to work with the high schools and make sure they know who we are and what the Academy does and then find a fit to help them best serve their students,” Cofield said.

Cofield’s background is in the education field, as he has worked for UAB, the University of Montevallo, Auburn University and a variety of high schools around the Birmingham area. That background certainly helps him serve as the ACT liaison for high school administration, many of whom may not know about the ACT. “Counselors leave and administration leave, so we must get our consistent message of who we are and what we do into these schools so that the pipeline doesn’t dry up,” Cofield said. “All it really takes is someone new at a school who doesn’t know about the ACT and the pipline can go away very quickly. So it’s my job to communicate with them so that keep bringing in students who want to be at the ACT.”

In addition to working with the many schools already involved in the ACT, he will also be recruiting new schools within the metro area to take part in the many opportunities the ACT offers. “This year I want to recruit all of the schools in our county,” he said. “I will be working with all of our current schools, but my goal is to reach each and every student within our grasp that wants to pursue a career in construction. We want to give them that opportunity. Last year the ACT reached the goal of finding employment for 100 percent of our seniors, so my goal is to help maintain that and build upon the success achieved thus far.”


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