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Election Results 2018


The state and federal elections are finally over–at least for now.  For the most part–at least at the state level–the results were exactly as expected. (To see a list, click here).

Republican Governor Kay Ivey soundly defeated the Democrat nominee, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox, by a margin of 60% to 40%. Many expected Maddox to mount a serious campaign to challenge the former Lt. Governor, but he didn’t as the race was really never close.  “Tuesday was a very good day for Governor Ivey and her down ballot allies,” said Dave Stewart of Bradley. “In many ways, this was a status quo election in Alabama where Republicans continue to dominate electoral politics.”

The other races throughout the state also played out pretty much as expected. First-term state representative Will Ainsworth beat Democrat Will Boyd (61% to 39%) in the Lieutenant Governor’s race. Attorney General Steve Marshall beat Democrat Joe Siegelman (59% to 41%). What was expected to be the most competitive statewide race, the Supreme Court Chief Justice race, Associate Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker beat his Democrat opponent, Circuit Judge Bob Vance, by a margin of 58% to 42%.  Governor Ivey will now appoint an associate justice to fill the vacancy created by Parker’s elevation to Chief Justice.

Mark Mattox

“It is encouraging to see the large voter turnout in our state and across the country,” said Mark Mattox of Robins & Morton. “Our right to vote and select our representatives is a right that has been defended so we can all have a voice in our government.  We are fortunate to be able to elect different candidates when the voice of the represented is not heard and followed.  As the voice of a $12 Billion Industry in our state, ABC remains engaged as a leader and active participant in legislative matters that affect our business.  We are proud that so many of the candidates we supported and who have a vision that aligns with ours were successful in their race.  ABC looks forward to building on the success of the past couple of years.”

“Statewide 95% of the ABC supported candidates won their respective elections which is good for construction and good for business in Alabama,” added Tim Hightower of Southern Carpet, Hardwood & Tile.

For the state, Republicans will retain supermajorities in both the House of Representatives and Senate.  When the Legislature convenes in January, the House will be comprised of 77 Republicans and 28 Democrats.  The Senate will be comprised of 27 Republicans and 8 Democrats.  While the overall composition is not significantly different from the previous legislature, there will be many new faces in both houses.  There are 28 new members in the House and 13 new members in the Senate.  Accordingly, freshman legislators will play a meaningful role in the upcoming quadrennium.

The results of the legislative races are as follows:

    • HD 3 – Andrew Sorrell (R) 53% defeated Chad Young (D) 47%
    • HD 7 – Proncey Robertson (R) 75% defeated  Kenneth Brackins (D) 25%
    • HD 8 – Terri Collins (R) 62% defeated Billy Jackson (D) 38%
    • HD 10 – Mike Ball (R) 54% defeated JB King (D) 41%
    • HD 46 – David Faulkner (R) 62% defeated Felicia Stewart (D) 38%
    • HD 65 – Brett Easterbrook (R) 53% defeated Elaine Beech (D) 47%
    • HD 94 – Joe Faust (R) 71% defeated Ida Mashburn-Myrick (D) 29%
    • SD1 – Tim Melson (R) 68% defeated Caroline Self (D) 32%
    • SD 6 – Larry Stutts (R) 51% defeated Johnny Mack Morrow (D) 49%
    • SD 10 – Andrew Jones (R) 61% defeated Craig Ford (D) 39%
    • SD 27 – Tom Whatley (R) 59% defeated Nancy Bendinger (D) 41%

While ABC of Alabama is pleased that many of their supported statewide candidates won this week, ABC is also pleased that the Republicans were able to retain control of the Senate on the federal level as well. “President Trump has protected the Senate so he can continue to positively transform the Judicial Branch,” said Jim Cooper of Cooper Construction. “Conservative judges will protect religious liberty, and help minimize the overreach of unelected bureaucrats in government agencies. Trump has the opportunity to solidify a Supreme Court which can protect American freedoms for the next several decades.”





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