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Dunn Strives to Improve Safety of Drivers


Earlier this year, Dunn Construction Company experienced what every company hopes to avoid—injured workers—when they failed to lower the bed of the dump truck before driving. The workers went about half a mile down the road when the truck bed struck an overhead bridge. “It ejected both occupants, and both of them were seriously injured,” said Dunn’s Safety and Environmental Manager Cody Jackson. “When it happened, we knew we had to do something to prevent it from happening again.”

What they came up with was a new sensor and light that they began installing on every single dump truck at Dunn. The sensor triggers the light once the bed is raised eight inches, and then the light will blink and buzz until the bed is lowered. In addition to installing it on every company dump truck, they are also offering it to its lease drivers as well. “We expect this to eliminate drivers from unknowingly having the truck bed up in the air and striking an overhead utility or structure,” Jackson said. “While this is reactive to a specific event that occurred, we are trying to be proactive for the future to prevent another overhead structure strike. We want anyone working on a Dunn job to go home safe to their families.”

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