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Four Steps to Deter Tool and Equipment Theft

Contractor tool and equipment theft is commonplace »

Succession and Transition: Building the Future

Succession management and ownership transfer are critical topics in today’s engineering and construction (E&C) industry. As with all business sectors across North America, the baby-boom generation is exiting the E&C industry at an accelerated rate. »

How Companies Can Protect Their Fortresses from Executive Impersonation Fraud

Just as medieval castles were designed to safeguard territories during war, a company’s employees are generally expected to strive to protect the organization from a cybersecurity breach »

Measures to Minimize Subcontractors from Filing a Lien

A lien is essentially a claim for repayment of a debt »

Ensure Your 401(k) Plan Complies With Legal Requirements

Construction Business Owners Must Be Diligent Amid Increased Plan Scrutiny »

Save Cash Using a Tax Deferral Strategy

Construction Contractors Can Defer Taxes to Keep More Cash on Hand »

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