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Why Fair Value is Becoming a Popular “Celebrity” in the Accounting Profession

from Carr, Riggs & Ingram Entertainment magazine fans probably see the same popular celebrities in issue after issue. Similarly, those who stay up-to-date on current... »

What Is “Fair Compensation” Following Termination for Convenience by the Government?

By Amandeep S. Kahlon, Bradley The Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA) recently tackled a contractor’s claim for pre-construction costs following termination for convenience... »

Understanding Coverages and Exclusions of Contractor’s Professional Liability Insurance

Contractor’s professional liability insurance is a facet of the construction industry that continues to blossom. »

Install Back-Flow Prevention When Transferring Risk on a Construction Project

Just because it’s signed, doesn’t mean it’s insurable »

Common Pitfalls When Transferring Risk on Construction Projects

Why should a construction professional pay attention to contractual risk transfer? »

Reducing Risk in Construction: Industry Points to Increased Collaboration, Integration

High frequency of claims and disputes will take their toll until the industry embraces good risk management practices »

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