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Create a Succession Plan to Ensure a Smooth Ownership Transition

Construction Business Owners Must Start Now to Develop a Plan for Continued Growth »

Three Questions to Ask When Planning Construction Business Succession

In the story of a business, succession can be the most challenging chapter »

Limit Litigation Expenses by Streamlining Storage of Electronic Information

Any company that has been a party to litigation has learned the hard way about the aggravation of producing the electronic documents demanded in the discovery process. »

Judgement Liens: What Is Left When a Business Loses Its Construction Lien Rights?

Contractors that are consistently worried about their judgment liens probably didn’t perfect their construction liens properly »

From Fearless to Feeless: The Changing Value Proposition in the Construction Supply Chain

Why some construction managers may decide to forgo fees in the traditional sense to disrupt competition. »

Finding the Right Leader: How to Disrupt Your Leader Selection

How to break out of the traditional leader selection mentality and utilize a more strategic approach to building future bench strength. »

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