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Negotiating a Construction Contract: Clauses, Changes and Delays

Beginning with a sound construction contract can have a significant impact on a firm’s profit, loss, reputation and overall ability to manage a project »

Tips for Choosing the Right Way to Win More Construction Projects

Acquiring new business in the construction industry is accomplished in many ways, especially in a strong economic development cycle »

Five Tips for Creating a Contractual Agreement

By Caitlin Sweeney, Construction Executive Agreements are made every single day. It may be tempting to use a letter or even a handshake agreement when... »

How to Manage Offsite Issues on a Construction Project

By Amandeep S. Kahlon, Bradley Large projects tend to generate complaints from neighboring residents and businesses during construction. How a contractor deals with those complaints... »

Do Not Press Delete: A Primer on Document Preservation Obligations

By Gary F. Sheldon, Wendy Kennedy Venoit & Frank A. Sherer, Construction Executive The explosion of e-discovery in litigation and arbitration unpleasantly introduced many companies... »

Why Choose Binding Arbitration for a Construction Dispute?

By Jared Marx, Construction Executive When company disagreements get serious enough that lawyers are hired, the next step is often a lawsuit. But even when... »

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