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Master Productivity for Successful Construction Project Completion

One of the biggest risks to a project’s schedule and budget is project managers’ time »

Best Practices When Hiring Qualified Subcontractors

Six Tips for Small Contractors to Use For Evaluating Subcontractors »

It’s Time to Talk About Occupational Fraud in Construction

Certain industries, like construction, have a more hazardous risk profile than others. »

When Substantial Compliance ‘Trumps’ Strict Construction of Florida Lien Laws

In Florida, to perfect its right to lien a property, a subcontractor is required to submit a Notice to Owner (NTO) within 45 days of commencing its work. »

Risk Transfer and Payment Protections for Contractors

Be Aware of Risk-shifting Techniques »

Surety Considerations for Contractors Leveraging ESOPs

The construction industry is very cyclical. »

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