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TrueLook Offers Tips on Implementing Solar-Powered Cameras on a Jobsite

Camera technology provider, TrueLook, advises construction companies on various factors to consider when choosing to implement solar technology on the jobsite »

TrueLook Offers Tips on Managing Changes to Construction Scope

Construction companies need ways to deal with changes in scope ordered by the client, and TrueLook offers tips to do so »

Internal Controls Prevent Construction Losses

Internal controls stem from the idea that no one individual should have complete control over a given transaction process and that there should be proper segregation of duties among individuals involved in every process »

How to Avoid Construction Schedule Delays

Six Reasons Construction Projects Fall Behind Schedule »

Postal Service Contractor? Would-be Contractor? A Look inside the U.S. Postal Service Bid Protest Process

Few government contractors are aware that the USPS has its own bid protest (or “disagreement”) process »

Top Sustainable Flooring Options for Health Care Construction

As research continues to bring forth new ideas and techniques to promote healing, one idea specifically aims to create sustainable medical facilities that improve the health of patients as well as the environment »

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