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Report: Construction Firms Could Better Protect Workers From Noise Hazards

Reposted with permission from, February 19, 2019, all rights reserved. Copyright 2019. iven that about three-quarters of construction workers are exposed to noise levels... »

The Growing Need for Lower-Volume Bespoke Manufacturing

In the rapidly-changing construction vehicle market, Roger Brereton, head of sales at Pailton Engineering, explains why mid-level volume, bespoke manufacturing in the tier-two realm is... »

Green Buildings Go Beyond Environmental Conservation

Reposted with permission from, April 12, 2019, all rights reserved. Copyright 2019. Buildings use almost 40% of the total energy consumed in the United States... »

Say What? Statutes of Repose/Limitation May Not Be Defenses in Arbitration?

By David K. Taylor & Kyle M. Doiron, Bradley Most private construction contracts contain binding arbitration clauses and apply the “law of the state where... »

Invention of Hard Hat Hits 100 Year Anniversary

Women got the vote. Prohibition began. The National Football League was founded. And, the construction industry was forever changed by the invention of an often... »

The Importance of Improving Operations Management for Subcontractors

Reposted with permission from, January 28, 2019, all rights reserved. Copyright 2019 The global construction industry, including residential, non-residential and infrastructure, is expected to reach... »

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