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Constructive Changes – A Primer

  By Jonathan R. Mayo, Smith Currie A “constructive change” occurs when an owner action or omission not formally acknowledged by the owner to be... »

Making the Most of Rain Delays and Plant Shutdowns

By Peter Krammer and Debbie Dickinson, Construction Executive Be Strategic With Training for Lasting Results Senior leaders must deliver unprecedented results in the face of... »

Four Steps to Remove Complexity From Construction

By Ivan Seselj, Construction Executive Complexity is bad for business. While construction executives may disagree with each other about a lot of things, complexity on... »

When the Owner Stops Paying: Prepare in Advance to Deal With Subcontractors

By Mary Bacon, Construction Executive When the owner stops paying, general contractors are left in a difficult position. Subcontractors, material suppliers and laborers still look... »

Five Proven Ways Construction Subcontractors Can Reduce Surety Bond Costs

By Eric Weisbrot, Construction Executive Construction subcontractors have ample opportunities to generate a profit from their businesses, but it takes a broad understanding of sound... »

Declaration of Independence: Prior Material Breach Does Not Excuse North Carolina Solar Developer of Performance of Independent Promises under Agreement

By Amandeep S. Kahlon, Bradley In Recurrent Energy Development Holdings, LLC v. SunEnergy1, LLC, a North Carolina Superior Court addressed a dispute between two solar... »

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