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Balch & Bingham’s Chuck Burkhart & Conrad Anderson IV Author Alabama Construction Law Manual

from Balch & Bingham Alabama's commercial construction industry has a $12 billion annual impact, employing almost 156,000 people across the state and generating a payroll... »

Construction Company Finds Technology Advantages

from RSM Established in Ames, Iowa, in 1972, Story Construction is an employee-owned company serving customers throughout the Midwest and as far south as Louisiana.... »

Constructive Changes – A Primer

  By Jonathan R. Mayo, Smith Currie A “constructive change” occurs when an owner action or omission not formally acknowledged by the owner to be... »

Differing Site Conditions: A Quick Primer on What Every Contractor Needs to Know

By Mason Hester, Construction Executive One of many examples of a DSC can be where a contractor encounters unexpected underground rock – or maybe differing... »

Can’t Get a Written Change Order? Document, Document, Document

By Todd M. Heffner, first published by Smith Currie Most construction contracts require that any changes to the work be made formally, in writing, via... »

Mixed-use Developments Are the New ‘It’ Sector

By Cindy O'Hara, Construction Executive Urban revitalization and sustainable philosophies, along with a stronger economy, are invigorating the mixed-use sector. In fact, these types of... »

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