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Start From the T.O.P Down: Ways You Can Improve Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

from Carr, Riggs & Ingram Until the last couple of years, data breaches seemed to be the domain of major corporations—Target, Home Depot, Sony, JP... »

Is Real-time Location Sensing the Future of Construction?

By Guy Skillett, Construction Executive Real-time location sensing (RTLS) describes a range of technologies for locating an asset or resource—from radio frequency-based approaches to determining... »

Connecting Construction Project Information

By Andy Kayhanfar, Construction Executive Open Technology Databases Improve Project Communication, Collaboration and Visibility The construction industry has been plagued for decades with projects coming... »

Five Ways SMS Can Improve Communication

By Ken Rhie, Construction Executive Unlike email’s 22 percent read rate, short message service (SMS) such as text messaging has a 98 percent read rate.... »

Get the Most Out of Your Employee Cell Phone Plan

By Mindy Prowler, Construction Executive Most companies provide a cell phone and service for their employees because success requires them to quickly respond to a... »

Takin’ Care of Business: A Security To-do List to Fend Off Cybercrime

By Eric Cole, Construction Executive The king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, was famous for “Takin’ Care of Business.” But when it comes to... »

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