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Mobile Tracking Apps Are Revolutionizing Construction—It’s Time to Get on Board

By Kim Harris, Construction Executive In an InfoWorld article published over a decade ago, Ephraim Schwartz predicted that businesses that used geofences (or virtual perimeters... »

Construction Suppliers Making Industry-wide Shift to E-commerce

By Michiel Schipperus, Construction Executive These are transitional times for the construction industry. With global revenue projections expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2020, the... »

Safety and Productivity Advantages of Using Remote Control Technology to Operate Construction Machinery

By Dr. Friederike Brendel and Jeff Allan, Construction Executive Controlling machinery via radio communication offers many safety advantages, such as the ability to operate equipment... »

Why Good CRM Should Matter to Construction Businesses

By Peter Menge, Construction Executive The construction industry is no stranger to peculiar acronyms. However, there is at least one business acronym that is not... »

The Future of Construction Management Technology

By Sergey Sundukovskiy, Construction Executive The construction industry faces tough competitive constraints every day — from labor shortages to complex project requirements. Project owners continue... »

Ten Ideas for Creating Engaging Website Content

By Damon Burton, Construction Executive The competitive space of construction-related websites dictates that businesses must continually generate engaging, professional content. Google ranks websites based on... »

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