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More Construction Firms Turn to BIM to Cut Costs and Project Time

By Mark Lyons, Construction Executive If the rapid advancement of virtual reality (VR) technology being used in the design and building process is any indication... »

Fabrication and Beyond

Streamlining Design-to-Fabrication with VDC and Constructible BIM »

Winning Strategies for Virtual Design and Construction Succes

Eliminate Waste, Improve Safety and Increase Productivity »

Navigating Renewable Energy Project Agreements

By Monica Wilson Dozier, Construction Executive As the energy industry evolves, owners are increasingly seeking new and creative opportunities for the development of renewable projects. ... »

Use Technology to Streamline Exchanging Waivers and Get Paid Faster

By Paul Dean, Construction Executive No matter how big or small the project, lien waivers can cause headaches for all parties if their exchange is... »

Six Common Scheduling Mistakes That Cost Contractors Time and Money

By Jerad Ferrell, Construction Executive At the heart of every project management system is the control of time. In a perfect world, the project schedule... »

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