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How Document Management Software Works for Contractors

Managing documents can be a full-time job »

Six Ways Cloud-Based Document Management Will Reshape Construction in 2017 and Beyond

Cost is an important consideration for developers and property owners when it comes to choosing a contractor »

Top Three Telematics Trends That Make the Investment Worthwhile for Construction Companies

Telematics is by no means new technology in the construction industry, but many fleets still have not adopted it to their operations. »

A Dynamic Duo for Construction Fleets: GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software

When a construction fleet couples GPS tracking technology with fleet management software, a flood of real-time insight and tangible benefits are unleashed. »

Six Steps to a Safer Construction Fleet

Capitalize on the Most Valuable Data Point From Vehicle Telematics »

Innovation and Transformation: Paving the Way to Tomorrow

Advances in technology and innovation in the engineering and construction industry have been historically slow to catch on. »

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