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Building a Capable Technology Stack

By Jay Snyder, From FMI In today’s market, it’s easy to get swept up in the buzz of new technologies that may or may not... »

Technology and Risk Mitigation in the Built Environment

By Alyssa Menard and Ryan Howsam, From FMI In today’s age of digital disruption, it comes as no surprise that technology adoption is a critical... »

Today’s Technology Catalysts in the Built Environment

By Andrew Henderson, from FMI Today’s great minds are inventing some of the most advanced technology that improves our lives without us even knowing it.... »

Is Your Company Ready for the Beta User Experience?

By Jay Snyder, From FMI As the built environment seeks out ways to alleviate industry pressures, startup technology solutions are proliferating. These solutions are a... »

Three Ways Technology Is Changing How We Look at a Construction Site

Reposted with permission from, January 24, 2019, all rights reserved. Copyright 2019. Technology is helping the construction industry shed its image of being slow to... »

The Future of Extraterrestrial Construction

Reposted with permission from, January 30, 2019, all rights reserved. Copyright 2019. Exploring and colonizing Mars presents a wealth of opportunities and challenges that could... »

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