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Potential For Growth: Baldwin County’s 5-Year Commercial Outlook

from White-Spunner Realty RETAIL With a greater demand for more residential lots on the Alabama Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle, it stands to reason there... »


The Narrowing of Additional Insured Coverage and Its Impact on P3 Projects

Additional insured coverage is a common method of risk transfer used in construction projects »

Building Alabama

Multi Family Construction Contractor Completes 300 Unit Luxury Apartment Home Development

Capstone Building Corp., a Birmingham-based multi-family construction contractor, announces the completion on a luxury multi-family housing development titled, The Moderne at Providence in Huntsville, Alabama.... »


Construction Jobs Numbers Rebound in November

The nation’s construction sector added 24,000 net new jobs in November »

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ALABAMA CONSTRUCTION NEWS is a quarterly magazine published by ABC of Alabama and is the only statewide construction trade publication in Alabama.


Construction Jobs Numbers Rebound in November

The nation’s construction sector added 24,000 net new jobs in November »


Litigation Risks in Public-Private Partnerships

A public-private partnership, or P3, is a contractual agreement between a governmental entity and a private organization »


Use Mileage Tracking Apps to Save More at Tax Time

Apps Can Help Construction Contractors Take Full Advantage of Mileage Deductions »

Workforce Development

Hard Hat Heroes: Making the Move From Military to Industry

By Rachel Burris, Communications Manager, NCCER, from NCCER blog I'll admit, I'm in awe of the range of skills our veterans are learning in the... »


Reduce Fleet Downtime With Oil Analysis Testing

Maintenance is a key priority when it comes to fleet operations »


TDOT Wins a National Roadway Safety Award – With a Little Help from Sain

from Sain Associates blog TDOT’s Project Safety Office has been recognized by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Roadway Safety Foundation as one of... »


Do Not Press Delete: A Primer on Document Preservation Obligations

By Gary F. Sheldon, Wendy Kennedy Venoit & Frank A. Sherer, Construction Executive The explosion of e-discovery in litigation and arbitration unpleasantly introduced many companies... »


Architecture, Design and Construction Interdisciplinary Team Awarded Largest HUD Grant in Auburn University History

Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction has been awarded a $635,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD,... »